SANTIAGO Candleholder

Crafted of exquisite, opalescent onyx, Santiago Candleholder exudes strengths and elegance.

Diamond textured Brass accents break the minimalism of the Design, while natural qualities of onyx vary pattern and nuances for a unique finish.

Severe in its appearance, Santiago is able to transcend the ephemeral nature of Amber&Oud fragrances of wax and work as a standalone accent piece thanks to a glass insert.

Refined and sophisticated look combined with a strong and vigorous attitude, as the Soul that inspired it.

All EX FORTI Pieces are unique and handmade by Italian artisans.


The lasting of the Candle is guaranteed by the possibility to insert appropriate Refills.
Add 1 inch of demineralized water into the Candle before inserting the lighted refill – Water, if heated, increases the intensity of essential oils and allows refill to burn completely to the end without sticking to the bottom. The Package contains 4 Refills. Each Refill will last 3 – 5 hours.
It’s possible to clean the Candle using a damp cloth with water and a few drops of non-abrasive soap.
Pay attention – Do not expose t he Candle to sun or other heat sources

Onyx, Burnt Brass, Wax Ambra & Oud essential oils
13 cm / 5,11”
12 cm / 4,72”
12 cm / 4,72”
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price €845
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